Where is Camp located?

Camp is located at Camp Curran, operated by the Camp Curran Community Association.  This beautiful property has been our home since 2009.  It is located near Collins Elementary School.  Even though it is less than 6 min from 512, right in the middle of residential area – you might never know it is there.

My daughter is not a registered Girl Scout or she has a friend that is not a registered GS. Can they still attend?

Yes!  They would just need to register for the current Girl Scout year.  Sometimes this is a great way to expose girls to scouting.  This is done online at www.girlscoutsww.org.  There is a $25 fee that goes to the GS council.  This keeps them insured while at camp and an official Girl Scout until Sept 30th of the current year.  Join the movement of Girl Scouting!!  What better way to help your daughter grow into an independent strong woman!

Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay is 

a 100% volunteer led 

community day camp. 

How is Camp Run?




Who is my daughter's
unit leader?

You daughters Unit Leader is a parent,  community member,  or Girl Scout Leader who has been back ground checked, trained, and encouraged to provide a safe, exciting, educational, entertaining, all around great camp experience.  Each Unit Leader brings their own experience, and talents to share with your daughter. 

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I would like to help,
how can I?


Contact Amy Edgington 

at 253-441-1863 or 



We are always looking for volunteers to help make the camp even better!  There is even a Volunteer discount for your children. This year we are also looking for part time volunteers.  We need help in the lodge, kitchen and running stations.  We have a camp policy that girls and their parent who is volunteering are not placed in the same unit. Each camper and her volunteer parent can go home telling their own amazing stories.

My daughter wants to come with a friend. Will they be placed in the same unit?

Make sure that you put their names on your registration form in the buddy section.  Although we do our best to place everyone with their friends, it is not always possible or guaranteed.  In order to be fair to the entire unit and to provide the best age level program, we need to place girls where they will benefit the most.  And isn’t part of going to Girl Scout Camp making new friends?





Payments? Financial Aid?

Yes,  we will accept payments provided  the camper is paid in full by July 15, 2020.   There is also financial assistance available through GSWW so every girl can have the opportunity to go to camp!

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Can all my children attend camp, both my sons and daughters?

Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay is a Girl Scout camp.  Girls need a safe place to be girls and not worry about boys looking at what they are doing. We do offer a small boy’s unit for the volunteers at camp.  This is for boys aged 5-11. 

Is their an overnight option?

When Covid 19 changed our world we started a late night option based on age level to make groups smaller.  What we found is that it had such a awesome effect because we were able to cater to each age level.  Everyone was able to get their food quickly and we were able to have more quality time with each camper.  And we had no wet tents to put away and leaders got to sleep in their own beds.  

My camper has food allergies. How does that work?

Great question! Upon check in on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, anyone at camp with a food allergy, or bee allergy is issued a bright red allergy bracelet they are required to wear the entire time they are at camp.  Our Staff and PA’s are trained to look and ask for the bracelet.  At Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay girls provide their own lunch every day.  That solves some of the concern.  Girls with allergies also receive a letter prior to camp with information on the snack that will be provided daily.  We do our best to always offer a vegetarian option, an gluten free option and nut free when requested.  We encourage lots of hand washing.  Now some units also do some cooking in their units and your camper's allergy information is given to them prior to camp so that they can provide a program that works for the entire unit.  We do everything in our power to create an environment that is safe for all campers. We will also work with families wishing to provide all of the food for their daughter during camp. 

I have questions
that were not answered?


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