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Important Gnome Dates


April 15 – Applications DUE                                                             

May 1 – Girls Notified either way

May 20 - Camp Fees are Due 

May 20-22  – MANDATORY PA TRAINING           


Jun 15 – Gnomes meet with Staff

July 13 – Gnomes meet with Staff  

July 27 – Gnomes meet with Staff

July 31 - All Camp Set Up - Time TBD

August 1-5, 2021 – Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay



Program Aid/Program Aid In Training Check List:


  • APPLICATIONS ARE DUE April 15, 2022

  • Decide on how you would like to be at camp - Camper, PAT or PA

  • Download the appropriate application form.

  • Ask someone who knows you to write a letter of recommendation. Remind them of the deadline, and either give them the email or camp mailing address.  Follow up to make sure it was sent in.  You can also mail it in with your application. 

  • Have a back up plan if the person you asked becomes too busy.  We recommend that you ask more than one person to increase your chances of getting one in.  We will always accept more than one.

  • Make sure your application is readable and that you check your email address.

  • Mail application registration form with Health History to: Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay  @ PO Box 1135, Eatonville, WA 98328

  • You may also email forms to:

  • You will receive a confirmation email when your paperwork has been received.  

  • You will be notified by May 1, 2022 if you are selected to join our PA / PAT program.  You will also be notified if all the positions have been filled.

  • As a reminder, the PA/PAT retreat is mandatory.  

Contact Us

Hedgehog & Buttercup

Bam-Bam & Friend

For all Program Aid Questions

For all Program Aid in Training Questions

  Older Girl Options  

Option 1 - CAMPER

We have an Older Girl camp unit for girls entering 6th-8th grade who are still wanting to be a camper.  Enjoy your last years as a camper before you need to take the lead.  Come have fun, be silly, be with girls your age and make memories! You can grow up tomorrow!

Cost: $115; Early Bird $95

Option 2 - Train to be a PA

Come out to camp and TRAIN to be a Program Aide. A council trained adult will provide your training.  You will then have the opportunity to sharpen your skills by working side by side with experienced Program Aides.  You will complete several sessions needed to complete you PA award. Please see below for all requirements needed.  Each day you will  work in different units exposing yourself to different levels of Girl Scouting and sharpening your skills with our amazing PA Specialists.  You then will stay and help in a unit on Thursday evening.  If you would like to attend camp no matter what (and who wouldn’t) send in a registration form when camp opens and mark on the top that you are applying for PAT but would be in a Older Girl Unit if not chosen for the PAT program. Applications must be postmarked or delivered by April 15, 2022.  Girls will be notified by MAY 1, 2022.

PA Training: $50  Max: 14

Includes: Council PA training. PA Mandatory Retreat, Additional daily training with our PA Specialist, T-shirt, Patch, daily snack, & some crafting opportunities.

Option 3 - PA 

If you are already a council trained Program Aide and wish to PA for camp, please contact us and fill out tour Program Aide / VIT application.  Being a PA a camp gives you the opportunity to take the lead, help girls and unit leaders at camp.  A VIT (Volunteer-in-Training is for girls who have completed the 9th grade and wish to add to their leadership skills.  There will be 4-5 before camp meetings you will be required to attend.   You will be expected to arrive to camp by 8:15am and leave at 4:45pm.  Girls that are selected for this leadership program will be providing 45 minutes of planned program every day in their unit.  Due to the high volume of Program Aides—there will be an application process.  All applications will need to be turned in no later than April 15.  Payment will be due by May 20, 2022.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE TO BE CONSIDERED – NO EXCEPTIONS.

PA Price: $50.00 Includes: T-shirt, patch, daily snacks,  training supplies, & some crafting opportunities.

How you earn you Program Aid Pin

In order to be a PA at Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay, all you need to apply is the council PA training – also offered though the PAT program.  In order to earn the pin to wear on your uniform please refer to the directions below.

Program Aide

To earn a Cadette Program Aide award, you need to:

(Can be earned by girls that have completed the 6th Grade through the 9th Grade)

1. Earn one LiA award. (For camp purposes; you should attempt to earn this before Camp.  This is not mandatory to be a PAT, but is a requirement for completing your PA Pin)

2. Complete council designed leadership course training. (This is done during the PAT retreat—more information to come)

3. Work directly with younger girls over 6 activity sessions.  This is in addition to what you have done to earn the LiA Award.  You might work with a group, at their meetings, at a day camp or during a special council event. 



The Volunteer-in-Training (VIT) award is for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who would like to mentor a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior or Cadette group. If a girl has completed 9th grade, she is eligible to earn this award.


To earn the Volunteer-in-Training award, a girl:

· Completes a Volunteer-in-Training leadership course.

· Creates and implements a program lasting 4 or more sessions, using the resources of the Girl Scout program portfolio (Journeys and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting)

Picture Coming Soon

Special PA / PAT / VIT SWAG

Not only do our Junior Leadership staff get a camp t-shirt in a different color than the campers, they have the opportunity to purchase a PA Sweatshirt –         ONLY FOR PROGRAM AID’S!!   

Cost $25